British schools and universities will be presenting their study opportunities. Find out all you want to know about studying in the UK directly from them!


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Special Tour of key African countries 2019:    Dates: 3rd to 13th March 2019   Countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia & Zimbabwe
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British Schools Expo Nigeria will be taking place from the 22nd – 26th June 2018. Add this date to your calendar. Please register below.  
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British Schools Expo Africa (London, UK edition) This we are running in conjunction with African embassies and churches in London): 31st August 2018 & 1st September 2018 Talks: Planning- Your key to finding the right school Let’s Talk Finance (Financial Aid & Scholarships) Making the best use of your summer holidays Single sex education Tips to finding the right girls…
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British Schools Expo Africa (Ghana & Nigeria):                                                             Ghana: 8th to 10th October Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja) 12th to 16th October
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it was great to find out more about the boarding experience in the UK...I left the event feeling I was better equipped to take the necessary steps to get my son into a very good school
Mrs Abdullahi (Abuja parent)
Well organised event and one that continues to help connect local schools in Nigeria with UK boarding schools and colleges. It also connects students and parents with schools for future ...
William Pope ( Deputy Chair AISEN and Board Member APEN)
As always an excellent event, will organised and our student and parents gained useful information and insight... I attended event year and it continues to exceed expectations. Well done TEC!"
Andrew Jedras (Head, Atlantic hall, Lagos)
The fair presented a unique opportunity to make contact with some of the best private schools in Abuja and Lagos. We were able to meet students interested in coming to the UK and their parents, and ...
Jesse Elzinga (Director of Studies, St Edwards Oxford)
Event was well organised, met with several families and student interested in UK education. For someone visiting Nigeria for the first time it was great and useful fair to attend
Julie Lodrick (Principal, Mount Schools, York)
Excellent event our students receive first-class information needed to make an informed decision from the schools and from the presentations. Parents and students have found it immensely useful as ...
Counsellor, Grange Schools, Lagos
I found the perfect school for my kids at the Lagos Expo last year. It can be a confusing process deciding on which school to attend but meeting the representatives of the schools makes such a huge ...
Mrs. Joke Olanrewaju